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Company news
The first time know ding wei the latest development of chemical industry

Wish the company officially listed in the stone exchange

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Distinguished customers:

   Hello! Thank you for your trust and support to our company all the time! Due to the development of our company, the company name of the original "Shijiazhuang Dingwei Chemical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd." has been changed and registered as "Shijiazhuang Dingwei Chemical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd." since December 22, 2020-December 22 after the approval of Shijiazhuang Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau. From now on, all internal and external documents, materials, invoicing, account number, tax number, etc. of the company shall use the new company name. And congratulations to Shijiazhuang Dingwei officially listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code: 660733.

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