Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture
A system engineering integrated enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, installation, debugging and after-sales

Team concept: cooperation, unity and development

The company advocates wild goose team spirit. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should be loyal to their team, to shoulder the heavy burden, give full play to their potential, work hard, and strive to be the "leading goose" in the team; they should trust each other, cooperate with each other, be willing to contribute, unite as one, fight against the wind and waves in the fierce market competition, overcome difficulties, and finally realize their own life value while realizing the goal of enterprise development Value.

Innovation concept: continuous innovation and tolerance of failure

Continuous innovation is the source and driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. To create competitive chemical equipment enterprises, we must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always support staff innovation, innovation technology, innovation management, innovation system, and innovation environment. We should understand, tolerate, and encourage the failure in innovation work, so as to make innovation a kind of quality, spirit and fashion 。 Quality concept: focus on quality, customer first

The concept of quality is the basic requirement of the enterprise to the staff, and also the basic working attitude of the staff.

Business philosophy: fair, fair, open, safe, efficient and honest

Enterprises and employees grow together to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises

Development philosophy: innovation, efficient implementation of the group's strategy; forge ahead to build the core competence of the enterprise

Management philosophy: to build a brand culture with healthy atmosphere, establish new atmosphere, and promote team building by focusing on implementation and implementation